Course in LMS not resuming correctly

I have a stumper.  I have created two storyline courses that are not resuming correctly in our LMS.  We are using Saba Enterprise Cloud 6.1.  In the courses the learners start at a main menu and follow "path" to the end and then start the next topic at the Main Menu.  I have is set up that a green check mark shows up on the main menu when they finish each path.  When the courses are loaded in the LMS one of the paths doesn't keep where the learner leaves off and instead goes resumes at a different slide. So the learner can stop and start the path without issue and then they get to the main menu and the green check mark appears. But if they exit  the course at that point and then resumes the course it takes them back to a slide in the path they just completed and the green check disappears and then every time they complete the path.  The odd thing is that if the learner completes the entire course in one setting there is no issue.  And If the learner completes all the other paths first  they are able to resume as expected. 

 I have tried everything to get it to work:  

  • I shorted one the courses (split it into two - one half works the other with the problem path doesn't)
  • I tested it in SCORM cloud - same issue occurs
  • I recreated the slides that it returns to thinking they were the problem
  • I published in the Storyline with and without the new update
  • I set the slides to resumed saved state
  • I published it with and without the "When running LMS, ignore Flash Cookie" option checked.  

Any suggestions or other things to try would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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