Course Menu

Graphic Designer Notes:


Dynamic Menu slide

Menu: Once a module has been completed the text should change colour to show that it has been completed
Unlock the next module as the previous one is completed
Once all the modules have been completed in sequence unlock the assessment button.


Select a section name to continue.


User selects next active unit.

Automatically navigate to the first frame of the selected unit once clicked.


Highlight item when user hovers over it.

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Ali Goulet

Hi there Akram, 

Thanks a bunch for reaching out here! It looks like Ashley shared some getting started resources with you over here that you may find handy as a jumping off point.

If you have a file that you're working on and you're finding aspects not behaving as expected, it'll be easier for community members to jump in and assist in smoothing them out if you could share your project file here. You can do so by utilizing the "Add Attachment" feature in the reply window. Thanks again! :)