Course minimum time and inactivity limit. Is it possible?

Hello all,

I need to build a California compliance course with a minimum time of 2 hour and have an inactivity limit. Can Storyline do that?

A student is required to spend 2 hours in the course (including the final exam). The student cannot just start the course and walk away for 2 hours and come back, hence the inactivity limit. For example, if the student has no interacted with the course for 5 minutes, the course needs to close and record the duration so far. When the student returns to their desk and restarts the course, it should bring them back to where they left off and recorded their time so far.

We use the Cornerstone LMS and I would publish the course in SCORM 2004.

I read forum articles explaining how Adobe Captivate can do it, but it sounds VERY complex. I'm hoping storyline is easier.

Any help is extremely appreciated.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Brandon!  Depending on what's included in your course, you'll likely be using the timeline to control the learner's experience.

  • Could you disable the Next button on slides until a specific point on the timeline?  You can set a trigger to change the state of the Next button to Normal at X seconds.
  • To combat inactivity, you can also include a trigger to exit the course when the timeline on a slide ends.  You'll want to determine how long a slide can sit before considering it inactive.  Be sure the exit course trigger works in your LMS.
  • Set your course to Always resume if you'd like learners to pick up where they left off.

I hope these ideas get the wheels turning!  How do other folks in the community handle these regulations?