Course - Mobile Ready?

Hi All,

I have been investigating why one of our older courses is not displaying correctly on some mobile devices.  One of the our newer course (created externally) resizes itself and looks great when we view and rotate on a mobile.

However, if we do the same on an older course (created internally), although the course rotates, it appears to re-size incorrectly.  

Are there settings that control this which I may be able to take a closer look at?


Thanks all!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Wayne,

Do you know what version of Storyline the older courses and newer courses were created with? 

The Responsive Player in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 fluidly responds to different mobile screen sizes and orientations, with no extra work from you. 

Storyline 2 can be optimized to look great on a mobile device by selecting a compatible slide size.

Do you have a screenshot of a course that is resized incorrectly on a mobile device? That'll help me make suggestions on the settings you'll need. 

wayne e

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for reply.

The old course would have been created some time ago, pre Storyline 2 I suspect but the new course would have been created on Storyline 2.  We are using 360 now and have recently been using this to refresh the old course, creating completely new slides.

As the newer course re-sizes correctly and given that we have re-created the old course using 360.  It makes me think that I am missing a setting.

If we take a phone as an example, if we hold it vertically the slides are appearing in the middle of the screen with large black spaces above and below the slide.  The navigation menu appears at the very bottom.

If we turn the phone horizontally, the slide appears larger but outside of the screen size.  You are also unable to 'pinch' to zoom in/out. Again the navigation menu appears at the very bottom.

Very odd.