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Aug 17, 2022

Hi Heroes, 

My program is for international students in Western schools. School boards want to make sure their high school students watch and/or do everything. No control whatsoever. There are pros and cons to this, but in this instance I agree with the schools. Why is a separate discussion. 

My question: is there a way that students can actively bookmark where they are in a lesson so they can go back to where they stopped instead of wading through material they've already seen? Or is there a way for Articulate to passively and automatically set a bookmark to do the same thing? 

Thank you. Greg 

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Gregory Bissky

Storyline 360. I'm very new to all of this so never even thought about the
effect of an LMS. I'm unsure if school boards will insist I run the courses
on their LMS or want me to just supply progress reports. I have no LMS (I'm
an old, one-man freelance corporation and didn't think I needed one.


Judy Nollet


Storyline can track where a user left off. The Resume settings tell it whether to make the user always start from scratch, always resume where they left off, or let them decide when they relaunch the course. Here's the User Guide info about that: 

Note that the Resume functionality only works when the course is published for/presented within an LMS or LRS. That's because Storyline uses the LMS/LRS to store the data needed to properly resume the course. 

Greg Bissky

Ah, LMS. I am a one-man shop Judy. A significant number of users (high school students) will be attached to their school's LMS, but the majority will be 1x1 sales. What would you recommend? Is it feasible technically (and financially) to run my own LMS? Is there a service I can rent perhaps? I've tried looking and I'm sure it all makes sense to people already familiar with LMS. I  have never used one before.