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Feb 17, 2016

Hi all,

I'm creating an informational course that covers several subjects that are not sequential and would like your thoughts and advice on how to set up the navigation.

For this example let's assume we are presenting some product features that have no particular order, and would like the users to have free navigation abilities to view as many or as few as they want, while not getting lost. 

  •  I started with one Intro slide with a tabs interaction, each tab an overview of one feature.
  • Created a scene for each feature, containing more information, examples and a use case.
  • From each tab in the Intro slide, the user can click to learn more about the feature (jump to scene).
  • Added a HOME button on every slide of every scene that jumps to the Intro slide.

Somehow I think there should be a better / more elegant way to enable non-linear navigation while ensuring they can always go back and not get lost?

Thoughts appreciated!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Maya -- Thanks so much for reaching out here, and in addition to Walt's suggestion, I also wanted to share this e-Learning Challenge, Show Us Your Custom Navigation Menus for E-Learning #79 for some additional food for thought! And if you have a file started, please consider sharing it so that others can weigh in and offer some suggestions you can try. :)

Maya Yifat

Thanks guys!

I indeed put the HOME button in the master. My question was more from a logical/structural standpoint rather than technical.

I'll be happy to share once it's done, currently it hasn't gone through Creative / Design so it's more of a sketch or a wireframe. I have to get the structure down first.

Any additional thoughts will be appreciated!


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