Course Navigation Advice: Seekbar dilemma

Needing expert advice. I know there has been much discussion about seekbar settings in the player. Here is my situation. I would like to use the seekbar as read-only. I also need most of my slides to resume saved data, which means the replay/rewind button on the seekbar is NEVER going to work. I find this annoys learners. Why would they be able to SEE a button that is never going to work?  How has anyone gotten around this issue or built new navigation in a way to avoid this? I would like the learner to be able to replay audio on all my slides, but it's not entirely necessary, I can let that go. What is bothersome is for their to be a button on my player that never works!

Any advice would be appreciated :)

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Holly Cain

Attached is a short scene from my project. My project does not have audio yet, so don't think something is missing! Slides that have activities (drag and drop, fill in the blank, etc..) are set to resume saved state, so when the learner uses the previous button they do not have to redo activities. However, I notice that the replay/rewind button on the seekbar doesn't work on these slides. I would really like the learner to be able to listen to the audio again on all slides (aka for the replay/rewind button to work). With research, it doesn't seem to me that this is possible, so I'm asking the experts out there, have you discovered any work arounds? If so, can you share a story with the example?

The seekbar is important to me because I'd like to set triggers with the seekbar that the next button will not work until the slide is finished playing. A learner will not know when a slide is finished playing unless they can see the seekbar, but I definitely don't want them to be able to use the seekbar as a skip ahead, making it necessary for it to be read-only!

Any help is appreciated!