Course Navigation issue

I have a branched course that is a simulation of a game board. Throughout the game the learner gets to select which type of question to answer or activity to complete to advance. If they answer incorrectly, some of the slides make them go back to the beginning and start over. 

Much of the game is proprietary, but I have cleaned it up and attached a demo here of what I can. You can go through it the first time no problem, but when you go through it the second time and try to click on "fast street" for the question type it won't take you anywhere. Can anyone suggest a way to get this to work when the learner goes through this the second time? 

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Gerald Sale

Hi Madeline,

There are two ways to fix the issue:

1. Is to separate the other layer from the base layer on your final slide and linked it to your 4th slide triggered on your wrong oval answers.

2. Is to change your final slide's base layer properties to "reset initial state" in when visiting option (the easiest way). :)

I have attached the revised .story here so you can check.

Hope this helps!


Madeline F

Hi Gerald,

Thank you for helping me out! Unfortunately I can't open this because it says it was created in a newer version of storyline. I'm working in storyline 2, so I am guessing you have an updated version. I'd love to take a look at what you did, if I could open! :)

I did go into my project and change the final slide and it appears to be working! I knew I needed to reset that selection slide to "reset initial state" but didn't even think about the final slide. Such a small detail that threw everything off.

Thanks so much!