Course never registering as "complete" in Cornerstone LMS

I have published several Articulate projects and this is the first time I've run into this issue (for the record, I'm using Storyline 1, not 2).  I have a training of a somewhat unusual format that's not registering as being completed even after all the slides have been visited and an appointed exit button is clicked on the last slide.

I've attached a picture of the story view of the project so that you can see the design of the training.  The training has a home page with 5 buttons, each button takes the user to a different page, and those pages are set to redirect back to the central home page once their timeline ends.  Once all the buttons on the home page have been clicked and the accompanying presentations have been watched, an assessment button appears on the home page, which takes the user through a linear sequence of questions (you can see these slides down the right side of the story view) ending with a results slide and then a thank you slide with an exit button on it. 

The training itself works beautifully, and I'm honestly rather proud of it, but even after rebuilding all of my triggers and uploading/reuploading the file to Cornerstone multiple times, the training will not show itself as being completed even after it has been completed in its entirety.  If anyone has any suggestions on this they would be greatly appreciated!

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E Hanna

So, the problem ended up being that when publishing the training the user's success/completion was defaulted into being tied to their score on the results slide.  I have heard that Cornerstone and Articulate do note communicate well with one another, and this confirms it for me - once I switched the standard of completion from being tied to the results slide to simply having viewed all of the slides, the training started functioning just the way it's supposed to.