Course not loading on mobile device

May 30, 2020


my interactive video fails to load on a mobile device:

works fine on desktops and iPads.  I suspect it’s quite heavy with over 235 interactions and two videos.

you can get to the ‘start video’ button but it never loads.

any advice as to why this maybe? I’ve tried it on a number of different mobile devices and no joy


thanks in advance





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Simon Jones

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your response and assistance.  The output is 191mb if I'm reading it correctly (see attached), it seems not to work on iphones.

I am presuming this is a large file?  it contains 2 videos and around 230 interactions.  Are you able to advise what sort of file size I need to be looking at?

Many Thanks



Sam Hill

Hi Simon, this does sound to be a large file. I have had course with multiple videos in them publish to 250mb in the past, but as I said, that is for a course with multiple videos, and so each individual video size was no greater than 10mb and would not take too long to load and start playing. If your course is 191mb and only contains two videos, I'm guessing your individual video file sizes are pretty large and would take a considerable time to download and buffer before playback begins.

If you are happy sharing the published output via a review link, I'm happy to take a look (I have iphone and pixel) and see if that could be the problem.

Simon Jones

Thanks, Sam

I have two videos each around 1 minute long and 20mb each in the project.  Unfortunately, it isn't an option to reduce the video quality further to make the video sizes smaller. 

Thanks for your continued assistance

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