Course not opening (from LMS) after re-starting

Hi all,

We publish our Articulate Storyline courses in Scorm 1.2 for LMS, and host them on an LMS called aNewSpring. We have dozens of courses and thousands of users and have been using this LMS for about 2,5 years now.

Often however, users cannot open a previously started course anymore. He has taken the course before, but perhaps didn't finish it and wants to finish it a few months later. Or he did pass, but wants to review the contents.
Upon clicking on Start, a new window with the Scorm course opens, but it shows a blank screen and freezes. Both in Firefox and Chrome. See the screenshots. If I login as the user, I get them same result: a blank screen. The user cannot access the content any more.
The same course opens fine when opening it as a new user or from my own account. This only happens when re-starting a course, after a while. 

Any idea how to solve this? 

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Joseph Francis

Not trying to get Storyline off the hook, but it sounds like either a browser cache issue or an LMS issue. The fact that the error appears for the same learner for the same course in 2 different browsers is interesting, and would appear to eliminate browser cache as a cause. Is the learner on the same computer, or has he tried to take the previously-started or completed course on another computer?

Is there a restriction on the course where the access window expires after a certain number of days? I know that SumTotal has that "feature" available, which is useful for compliance-based courses or courses which are behind a paywall.