Course not opening in Google Chrome (58)

Apr 21, 2017

Dear peer,

Until recently I had no problems with playing our courses in all regular internet browsers. But recently I found that some of our SL2 and Quizmaker courses  don't open anymore in Google Chrome. I have version 58. Neither locally when opened from my computer, nor when opened from an external site. 

When I try to open it, all I see is a mostly empty page with a frame (which is the frame in the course):

The courses were published to SCORM 1.2, to LMS, including html5 output. It's the html5 version that I try to open.

The weird thing is, it doesn't happen when the course is stored in our main LMS. Nor with new courses. Nor when I republish the courses which cause problems and try with the newly published version (which are approx. 6 months to 2 years old). And it DOES happen to both Quizmaker and SL2 courses.


Very vague, I am sorry, but I couldn't pinpoint the problem myself :( Could it have something to do with the Scorm version of older SL2 and Quizmaker courses, combined with the latest version of Chrome?

One of the courses which doesn't open in Chrome is attached. Thanks for any help!

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Michael Parker

Hi John, I have this issue with courses published to our web server. Users who previously had no issues are popping up everywhere with complaints that they get the spinning circle. It's only users using Chrome and i've been able to determine that most are using version 58. However, I can't ask thousands of users across the globe to follow the steps recommended in the link you provided in response to Sara's issue. Is there a way i can resolve this problem centrally?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

I definitely understand the frustration and the pickle you're in. Chrome has been working hard to block all Flash content and it's causing a fair number of headaches. 

We've got some additional ideas documented here - and depending on the version of Storyline  (3 and 360 have this feature) you're using, you could also look at publishing to HTML5 only. 

If you need to talk to our team about upgrading, they're available here! 

Let me know if you need anything else and I'm happy to help! 😀

Jordan Defty

I'm having the opposite problem. My courses are stored on S3 and they work fine if exported from my trial version of SL3 - but I've noticed when exported from SL3, chrome uses the flash version of the course. When exported from SL2, chrome defaults to the HTML5 version - which doesn't work!

When I load the HTML5 versions of courses from SL2, they start fine but when they get to the first scene change the screen goes blank but I can still click buttons on the screen (even though they're invisible). The whole course is just odd from thereon out though - transparency doesn't show up on images, fonts change type and size, animations don't work properly... it's just a horror show.

I've no idea what is causing this, but I'd appreciate any help.

Jordan Defty

Hi Ashley.

Funny enough, it's the flash versions that DO work, it's the HTML5 versions we're having problems with. 

Here is an example course using the HTML5 link that doesn't work. If I just change the URL at the end to 'story.html' instead of 'story_html5.html' it works for me, but for my colleague neither work. So lord knows what's going on!

Also I've attached a screenshot of my Storyline 3 export settings, as well as a weird text error that sometimes occurs when I export from Storyline 3 with the Dosis font.

Jordan Defty

Hi Alyssa.

You see that blue screen at the beginning and the end? That's meant to look like the screenshot I've attached. That blue screen is the very error I'm encountering - its an old background we used to have on the courses that have been long removed, yet for some reason they still appear. Sometimes the error will show that old background, sometimes it will show just a blank screen.

Andre Brooker

I'm having the same issue as Jordan. I can confirm that the quizzes work in Chrome 61.0.3163.100, but not in 62.0.3202.89. When I updated my laptop from Chrome 61 to 62, the html5 version stopped working and the flash player gets blocked. 

Our quizzes reside on our website; all testing are done online. I export for Web with the HTML5 and mobile options selected. The quiz consists of 10 multiple choices questions. There is a background graphic but I get the same results without it.

Amy Price

Hi, can somone please urgently help me too? We have a file that has been working fine until this last week. 

The course is set up to run as html5 only with flash as backup and then as soon as you get to slide 21 you can't go next the course just continues to load....I managed to fix this by redoing the slide and now I can't progress to slide 22....

I will need to share privately.


thank you.

Andre Brooker

I'm using Quizmaker '13, update 9: 1702.2417. In the HTML file, it says version 4.9. When I first noticed the issue the version was 4.5 (update 5). 

quizmaker 4.5 + chrome 61 = success

quizmaker 4.7 + chrome 61 = success

quizmaker 4.5 + chrome 62 = fail

quizmaker 4.9 + chrome 62 = fail


quiz.html (version 4.5) in Chrome 61 loaded fine. When i upgraded to Chrome 62, quiz.html redirected to quiz_html5.html and the quiz template was showing with the counter but the questions and buttons did not show. If I disable HTML5, the template does not show and the flash player gets blocked by default.

I will use the link you gave Amy to upload my document.

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