Course Not Progressing

I am creating a simple course in Articulate Storyline 2 and when I go to preview the entire project, at one point (the same page all the time) it does not progress to the next page when I click Next. The interactions are all correct as per the other pages, that do progress. This also occurs when I upload it in our LMS. I have totally started a new document, however the same issue is occuring, at exactly the same page mark! Weird! Has anyone come across this? It is extremely frustrating repeating the work/setting up all the interactions.  Thank you!


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Wendy Farmer

HI Angela

there's not an additional trigger on the Next button that is confusing SL?  Or could it be the order of your triggers?

Happy to have a look if you want to load the .story file.  Just let me know  which slide is playing up.

You are working locally and not from a usb or network drive?

Angela Cisternino

Thank you for your reply.  *I have tried attaching this file, however an error comes up "Bad Gateway"  Can I please send this via Dropbox? If so, can you please provide me with an email address?

The error is occuring at slide 1.27 (Sign up for VHIMS). I was working off a network, but have now saved this to my local dirve (c:) and will continue to work from here with all projects. Please note, this has not occured with any of my other files (off a network drive).

The error is still occuring when I open this in my c:

Thank you!