Course not resuming in Blackboard

I'm using Blackboard as my LMS.  I've selected 'Resume Always' in storyline, but when I go through the course in blackboard and then close the browser tab/window, and restart the course, it always starts from the beginning.  I've tried it with and without 'ignoring flash cookies'.  

Also, I'm doing this as I'm playing around with creating a  module with a quiz that makes users wait a certain amount of time before being able to retake the quiz if they didn't pass the first time.  Anyone ever done something like this before?  If this is possible at all, maybe it has to be done through Blackboard.  I tried simply creating a slide following the quiz results slide that has the timeline set for '1 hour' and that the user would be stuck on, and then allows them to retake the quiz when the timeline ends.

Thanks so much for the help.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ashley and welcome to Heroes!

If the course is working as expected at SCORM Cloud you'll want to connect with your Blackboard team about what elements you may be able to change or modify on their end. 

If you're able to determine additional information specific to Blackboard, please feel free to share here with other users! 

Corey Ray

I can't speak for the version you are using, but the latest version of Learn with an up to date building block will work as expected allowing you to resume.

However, regardless of version, I believe the reason this is not working for you is you may be attempting to test the workflow as either an admin or instructor of the course. You must test as a true student in the course as the "record" of activity can only be tracked with this type of role. You can do this via the built-in student preview feature.