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A bug seems to have re-emerged with a recent Storyline update. A while ago we noticed that courses were resuming to the wrong slide. The course would resume to the last fully watched slide and not the one that was exited on. The only way around this was if the current slide was open for a while, then sometimes if it was exited it would resume to the right slide. 

This seems to be happening again since the last Storyline 360 update. I've tested it on SCORM Cloud with 2004 v2 and 1.2 publishes (HTML5 only). I've also seen it with three different courses, one of which is working fine on a previous publish.

Any suggestions on a workaround?



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Paul MacIntyre

Hi Traci

Thanks for the suggestion, I just ran through the course again with all of the slides set to "reset to initial state" and it's still happening. Typically its ok if I'm on a slide for a while, but it seems that if I'm on it for a couple of seconds, I'm taken back to the previous one on resume. 

Is anyone else experiencing this since the last update?


Julie Stelter

I have 4 large courses. The courses were just recently moved to a new LMS. It is in the new LMS the resume function and now bookmarking is not working properly. If I set it to "prompt to resume" there is no prompt and the user is taken to the first slide. If I set it to "always resume" it too goes to the first slide in the course.  About a week ago when the user re-entered the course, it would show the slides that were previously visited in the menu. But today, that feature is gone too.

I have read threads about the size of large courses and resume functions not working because of it. I'm thinking the change in LMS is contributing to the problem. But I'm wondering if I can redo something on my end to eliminate it. The LMS support team is not very responsive. Some details- It was built in SL1 and has been growing ever since. There are no videos in the course. Thanks for any help. 

Leslie McKerchie

That doesn't sound fun Julie.

Let's see if we can help from our side :)

So, what you can see with larger courses sometimes is hitting a suspend data limit, which you can read about here, so it's possible that SCORM 2004 may help you.

If you'd like to compare how it works in another LMS, you can publish to SCORM Cloud and test it there. If you need our help with this, just share your .story file.

Julie Stelter

Sorry for the embarrassingly long time to get back to you. I did read about the suspend data limit prior to posting. Who knew this could be a problem ;) I tried the advice of publishing to 2004. Interestingly that published version did not have any bookmarking including in the menu. I'm using the free SCORMcloud so the file is too large to upload. I will send it privately through Articulate Support.