Course Not Tracking Progress

I have a course created using Storyline 2 uploaded to our LMS that does not track progress beyond a certain point (example: learner completes 80% of course, exits, resumes, course begins at 50%). We are stuck using SCORM 1.2, so I originally believed this to be related to the suspend data limit related to the SCORM type.

On several occasions we were able to adjust/remove course content and the point at which the course stopped tracking was moved further, helping the problem but not fixing it. We have longer courses, but this one specifically has a high number of interactions.

Does anyone know if by adjusting the slide properties of those interactions that store data (quiz checkpoints) to "When revisiting: reset to initial state" I could improve the problem that I am experiencing? Or if there are any settings at all that would improve my situation? Thanks. 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sheldon,

There is some information here in regards to the suspend data limit and one of the suggestions is to set the slides to "reset to initial state". You'll want to note that this does impact your quiz slides if you'll be using the "review" method from the results slide as the user will revisit those slides they'll be reset and scored incorrectly.