Course Opt-out option

Here's a challenge that I had and how I solved it. I hope this can help some of you.

I needed to provide users with a way to opt out of an elearning course if they could pass a one-time mastery test. If they got a fail on that test, they'd be routed back to the course content which they would have to complete and then take the test once again which by the way they could take as many times as they wished until they passed the course; failing wasn't an option.

Bear in mind that even though the 10 question test was generated from the same question bank, the bank had 20 questions it could draw from randomly creating a different set of questions each time.

I let them retry the test (flip that switch on in the Results slide) BUT I remove the Retry button from the base layer where it usually lives (yes, you can do this) with the cut and paste function and place it on the failure layer. I also remove its "submit results" trigger as well which is generated automatically. I then create a new state for the Retry button (Hidden) and set its initial state to hidden as well. I then created a true/false variable for the last slide that has content on it and triggered the Retry button to become normal (or visible) when that slide is actually visited (true). I also make sure that the submission of results trigger is activated through a different button ( in this case I created one called Submit your results and close the course. Works like a charm. If you need to see a mock up, let me know.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Mike for sharing here - and if you're able to share a mock up we always love to see examples. You may also want to update the title of the post to reflect that there is an example as well - and you could similarly look at sharing it within the Building Better Courses side of the forums where folks tend to share ideas, examples and how tos.