Course playback from a server when viewed in Safari on a Mac desktop defaults to HTML5 version

Nov 03, 2016

I discovered an issue for courses viewed on a Mac OS X desktop using the current Safari browser. It seems that the browser automatically loads the HTML5 version of the course and ignores the Flash Player version. The browser does not first display the screen asking if you want to use Flash for this URL; it just loads the HTML5 course. I tested desktop browsers on the Mac and on Win and this only occurs on Mac OSX/Safari.

This affects text display both in the Menu and Notes tabs. The text looks to revert to a system font, and all paragraph returns in the Notes tab are removed, and the menu text becomes bold and there is no spacing between menu items.

As long as the user has the Articulate Player app loaded, the iPad will display the course correctly. If the course is published without checking the Player app option, the resulting HTML5 course displays with the same text issues as on the Safari desktop version.

Has anyone else noticed this, and is there any way, outside of deselecting "Include HTML5 output" to force Safari to load the Flash Player files? I'd think removing HTML5 from the course would potentially cause issues, and reduce the whole idea of what Storyline is supposed to be about.

Thank you.



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Richard Chasin

I've found the answer to this issue. Mac users with the latest version of Safari will have this issue.

"On websites that offer both Flash and HTML5 implementations of content, Safari users will now always experience the modern HTML5 implementation. Apple's new policy means that Safari, essentially, lies to websites about which plugins are installed. It no longer passes on information about the availability of Flash, Java, Silverlight, and QuickTime, encouraging the browser to switch to HTML5. If this is not possible, users will be given the option of enabling Flash on a one-off basis, or every time they visit the site in question.”

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