Course playing with issues on laptops without Flash

We are publishing courses in Storyline using the HTML 5 publish option. They work fine on some computers, however, the client recently bought new laptops that do not have flash installed. They are using IE 11 to play the courses and are having issues with audio not playing and text showing up jumbled on the screen.

Can it be because Flash isn't installed? I have updated Storyline to the newest update and republished - but they still get these issues.

Please help! We have created over 40 lessons so far!! Attached are the screenshots of what the problems look like on their machines.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Erin,

Our support for HTML5 in IE11 is fairly limited as documented at the bottom of this comparison chart - which is based on how the different browsers handle HTML5. You can view information about the different browsers and their capacity for Html5 by visiting a site such as

Are the users able to access Google Chrome? That's probably the best on a PC - or Safari.