Course posted to a SharePoint page freezes

I don't know if this question's been asked before. We use SharePoint to store and deliver our Storyline eLearning courses. I've never had issues before with employees being able to launch the course or complete the course. Just in the past week, we've received dozens of complaints about a course we just released. At first, I thought it was an issue with posting the HTML5 version of the course and our employees only having IE8 as their browsers. I replaced that version with a CD published version, because I read somewhere here that that might help. Now, I have employees saying they can finally launch the course, but it freezes on the second page. What gives? Is there something with IE8 and SL???? We have a global audience and when we test the course here, of course it works. All the complaints are coming outside of the US.

Has anyone else experience this? Would love to know how it was resolved. Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eileen,

If you were pointing to the HTML5 output and they're only accessing it through IE8, that may be a part of the problem as IE8 has very limited support for HTML5 deployment. I'd suggest loading the web published version and pointing to the story.html file instead. If you're loading up the contents of the Publish to CD output, the users may want to try downloading that file and playing it off their local drive since it's optimized for local deployment.