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Jan 14, 2015

Hi friends, 

I'm designing a progress bar for a course that I'm building and have gotten it to work, except for one small bug.

As sections of the course will be non-linear, I want the meter to give an indication of the learner's progress, irrespective of the order of the slides they visit (so the bar fills up proportionately and only the first time the learner visits a slide). That part is working, however the bar does not seem to recognize this on the very first slide the learner visits, and only changes states thereafter (so the state is essentially 20% behind the % complete). Below is an image for reference and I've included a sample copy of the progress bar if someone wants to take a look at the triggers/variables and see what I'm doing wrong. 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mr. Saturn, 

Since the variable change is happening on that slide - what about instead using the "when variable changes" trigger as the "when" to adjust your progress bar? I just tested on one slide, with one of the progress bar triggers and that one changed it immediately. Check out the Topic 3 slide, and the trigger associated with 20% and then you should be able to change the others to match. 

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