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When individuals are taking my course, I would like for them to be able to see their progress.  For example, my course has 17 chapters, now say an individual finishes 10 of those 17 chapters, when they log back in, I would like for them to see their progress, and I would like for them to see their progress after completing each chapter.  Is there some type of equation, using varibles, that I can write.  I sort of saw something along the lines of "add 8.00 to PercentPartI when varible changes."

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Elizabeth-Jamey Rand

Hey Peter, I'm sorry, but that was not what I am looking for.  Maybe I need to explain it better.  

With my course, a canidate signs in to begin.  Now, the course is 17 chapters divided into 4 sections, if a canidate finishes 1 section or 1 chapter, and then needs to log out, I need for when they come back to the course, to have a progress that says something along the lines of (20% complete) and has a progress bar that shows them 20% complete, then after they complete a little more, I would like a progress bar to say something along the lines of (45% complete) with the progress bar that shows them 45% complete.

Does that help more?

Kevin Thorn

Hi Elizabeth!

Tracking progress internal to your course is doable. Simple enough to do with a variable strategy. Although with 17 chapters with 4 sections each it could get quite complex. 

The challenge with what you're wanting to do is calculate a percentage of overall completion. Storyline doesn't have anything out-of-the-box that will do that. However, you would have to complete the entire build first and then add up the number of total slides. Then do some fuzzy math to calculate the percentage of completion based on where a user exits. Finally, use the variables to track their location. As for showing them (visually) a "percentage of completion" tracking bar and/or mechanism that would have to be custom-built and managed with the variables. 

Not sure you can only "show" progress upon return. While Storyline can bookmark last known location, by default it (your course) won't know if it's the first time on that screen compared to the second, third, or more. I suppose giving it more thought and planning there may be a solution, but a custom-built progress bar (Master Slide) that's always visible would be easier.

Check this out. This is not exactly what you're needing, but it's a demonstration of using variables to track a users progress no matter where they are in a course. Skip the intro and go through a few questions. Then "Check your Score." That dashboard-esque screen shows overall progress >

Anyone else have another solution?

Hope that helps.