Course Published for AMP All Buttons Are Broken

Sep 21, 2018

Hi everyone,

I've already submitted a case regarding this but wanted to post to the community to see if anyone's using iPad's and AMP publishing settings frequently. I've run into quite the snag.

I have built 8 Modules roughly 100-170MB's in size that have all run flawlessly when using the AMP App on our iPad for work.

Using the same Version of Storyline 360 and same publishing settings, same development style etc., my latest Module does not work. None of the buttons I've created work. All of my navigation is custom, so all my buttons have up and down states and branch to different Slides and Scenes. Tapping on them does nothing. They won't go to their Down state and they don't follow through with their assigned Trigger Function.

If I go into the Published AMP folder and simply launch the "story_html5.html" file in Chrome or IE or Edge it works fine. It's as soon as it's downloaded on the iPad by launching the "amplaunch.html" file with the Articulate App.

Anyone have anything even remotely similar to this happen to them?




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David Breen

Would love to hear some sort of reply about this soon. I started this course in July. It's been 2 months putting it together and for whatever reason the entire Module is broken Published for AMP.

I'm getting no feedback from my case file. Would like to know soon if I have to tell my supervisor I have to rebuild the entire thing from scratch again.

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