Course resuming back at a particular quiz question

Hi everyone, I am posting on behalf of a colleague as we have not been able to resolve this between the two of us. 

She has a course which includes a number of chapters.  Each scene includes chapter info, some quiz questions and a result slide.  At the end of the course there is a master result slide, however, this may be deleted depending on SME feedback (and therefore isn't fully built). 

Course completion (currently set to slides viewed) is working, and course tracking is working until get past the scene "Medical Alerts".  Once you have passed this point, when resuming the course you are always taken back to the quiz in this scene. 

This happens in both our LMS (Totara) and when I have tested it in the ScormCloud.  

When I imported the problem scene into a new document, resume worked fine.  However, when we then deleted the original scene and imported the extracted, working "Medical Alerts" version, tracking issue still there. 

Can anyone see what we are missing.  (File attached)

Thanks in advance.  Christine

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