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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Luke!

I know that I've seen a similar conversation here and it was only happening in the LMS and was not able to be replicated in SCORM Cloud, so I do not have a solution to share with you.

Is there anything in common with the people that are experiencing the issue? Is it a re-try, is there environment similar, have you reached out to SuccessFactors?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Luke

we had a similar issue. Some of our courses use quiz slides throughout the content that we don't want included in the final grade score, then we have a graded quiz at the end.

In some (not all) instances if we had to edit a file and republish, SL would automatically add a checkmark against the 'non-graded' quiz question in the list to be included in the results.  We now have that as an item on our checklist before publish to re-check.