Course showing up in LMS with missing letters (T and F) for some users

I could really use some help.  I assigned a course to over 1000 employees yesterday.  I have received word from a few users that the content they see is missing the letters T and F.  Please see the attachment.  

Has anyone ever had this happen?  How was it resolved?

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, I had this happen awhile back and there are some lengthy discussions about it in this forum.  If above did not help, I see that your capture has one line of text with t and f's, the other does not, check your font. Assuming that font is different that the line above it, try switching to a different font if you can, or at least temporarily to see if it fixes the problem.

Here is a newer suggestion from Articulate, and then the second link is a more in-depth discussion with folks running into similar issues.  I may have some other info if I can find, I will post.  Good luck, hope you can resolve.

Also, what browser are you seeing this happen on?  For example, I believe IE has an issue, with Times New Roman.