Course stops playing - exclamation mark in a gray circle appears

Nov 05, 2013

Does anyone know what this means?  My course just stops playing and this exclamation mark appears on the screen -- no error messages, nothing.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liz,

I see that Cleo is working on your case with you and recommended the following next steps:

To troubleshoot the issue, I suggest that you create a new .STORY file and save it on your desktop. Then try to import the slides from your old .STORY file as described on the link below. See if you will encounter the same issue after you save and publish the file. 
Here's how to import slides from one Storyline project into another: 

Robert Dunn

I have been dealing with this for the last two days. Only would see it when trying to play video content. It only started doing it within the last couple weeks. ( after the last SL2 update). So I uninstalled SL2 and installed the version I downloaded in March. Guess what? no more errors. 

Just sayin...

Hope this may shed some light on the problem

current installed version Update 4: 1501.717

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

I don't have an ETA to share, but our QA team is aware of the issue and looking at all options. We have determined it’s related to the custom tab order data in the course, which can burden the Flash Player's memory when the course is lengthy or has lots of images and videos.

You can fix it by removing some objects from the tab order for each slide. Here's how.
By default, all objects are included in the tab order. We recommend removing objects from the tab order if they aren't crucial to the context of the slide (e.g., design elements). And if your learners aren't using accessibility screen readers, we also recommend removing images and videos from the tab order.
If your course continues to freeze after reducing the number of objects in the tab order, please let me know. Once we have additional information to share we'll also post here. 
Ian Jaffe

Thanks Ashley.  Unfortunately we do have some accessibility requirements, and you are correct that it is a fairly large course.  For now republishing it in Update 4 seems to have resolved the immediate issue for us.  The HTML5 issues with recent Chrome releases are not currently an issue for this course, so Update 6 is not an immediate need.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sophie,

Are you viewing this in Internet Explorer - do you know what update of IE you're using? The latest is IE11. Have you republished the content with the latest update? Have you also looked at testing it in another web server or LMS to see if that's impacting it as well? You could use one of the options mentioned here and see if that allows you to load the course. 

Sophie Leclerc


I'm using Explorer 11.0.24. But this exclamation mark appear when I try to do the preview mode (this is not really useful to do synchronisation!). It's look ok when I publish it and look at it in Chrome, but for my work, I really need to previewing before! I never had this problem before upgrade 7.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sophie,

Thanks for the clarification that you're only seeing it when Previewing Storyline. That's a different behavior than reported here in this thread. If you're seeing it in Preview, I'd be curious to know if you're only seeing it in this one file or across all your  Storyline files? If it's just this one file I'd look at importing it into a new file following the steps here and if you're seeing it in multiple files I'd suggest conducting a repair of Storyline. 

When testing the published output, you'll also want to make sure that you've uploaded to the intended publish environment as I mentioned above, as viewing the published content locally could cause you to encounter security restrictions and such. 

Please let us know if you're still having difficulty after checking into those items. 

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