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Jan 04, 2016


I'm new to Storyline (FYI, I am using version 2).  I am in the process of developing a course. I have also contracted an e-learning vendor to develop a second online course (both courses are being created simultaneously).  FYI, the vendor is using Storyline as well.  The vendor is about 90% complete with the course.  I want to include a course survey/feedback form at the end of the course, which I had assumed could get created within Storyline, however the vendor just informed me that in his experience it is rare for the course survey/evaluation form to be contained within the same package as the actual course; his recommendation is that I use a tool, like Survey Monkey.

I would appreciate hearing about anyone's experience with creating survey/feedback forms in Storyline courses.  Is creating a course survey that difficult to do in Storyline?  The vendor is telling me that a survey was not included in the scope of work and trying to create one at this stage would impact the deadline that I set for them.  I created 13 questions, eight of which use the likert scale.  The other questions are checkbox questions.  Thanks.

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Christie Pollick
Alphonso Hendricks

Why not try Spreadsheet Converter. Create questions Likert-scale, checkboxes etc and then export as HTML.

Create button in SL2 which is directed to this HTML page. It launches in a new window and once completed, you hit email form.

Spreadsheet converter allows you to enter email address that you require forms to be sent to.



Christie Pollick

Hi, Michelle -- Here is another post from Alphonso related to using Spreadsheet Converter that you may want to check out, and perhaps this thread may be able to offer some assistance. If you would like to share your file, it may be helpful so that others in the community are able to chime in with their ideas and input, as well. 

Michelle Whitfield

Hi Christie,

Thank you for the additional information.  I haven't created a course eval.  I hired an elearning vendor to develop a course for us, and was told that it is atypical for course evals to be housed within the online course (the elearning vendor is using Storyline to develop our course).  I was asking the Storyline users if this was true.  Thanks for your help.

John Curran

This thread sorts of wanders around the point. It is very easy to create survey questions in Storyline and also an associated results slide BUT collecting those results and reporting on them is a lot more tricky as it depends on the LMS you are using. If you use Articulate Online I think the survey results are automatically captured and can be analysed but if you are using another LMS there is no simple way to get the results where you want them. That's why in my experience many people use third party tools such as Survey Monkey. 

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