Course System or Unit Testing

Once I adopted Storyline, I began to design increasingly more complex e-learning.  Many of my lessons have multiple paths some of which are dependent on the state of some object in the lesson.  With this level of complexity it is challenging to test every hotspot, button, link and navigation path through the lesson.  I am also required to use an extra tester and need to provide them with some sort of map or strategy for testing all the paths through the e-learning.  

Is there any way to get Storyline to generate a “Map” of the lesson in a printable form?  I am hoping for a printout that is similar to the Story View that shows every link from one slide to another.  This would help both my testers and myself with quality control.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Mark, 

Thanks for joining the community and thank you for posting your comment! That is a very interesting comment and it has come up in discussion in the community before here: How to Print Navigation in Storyline

At the moment there's no built-in way to print your Story View in Storyline... but an alternative might be to resize the elements on the Story View screen using the Zoom option in the right-hand bottom corner, to show your entire outline and then grab a screenshot of the entire thing. Hope this ideas helps! =) 

You might also want to Submit a Feature Request to ask for that functionality in future releases... Thanks =)