Course timer (not a countdown) + how to send it to moodle

Sep 25, 2015

Post edited, after I've got some brilliant working idea ;)


I've searched through the community and also web, but didn't find anything, that will meet my needs. :(  So I did it myself.

I'm looking for a timer, but I don't want the countdown timer (these I've found). We are making a quiz game, where we will measure how many points user achieved and in what time. My timer just count how much seconds and minutes you spend on a ONE slide (you can make many timers, and in the end of the course, sum up all numeric variables)


You create slide, on which you make:

  • Trigger, that will adjust numeric variables %seconds% and %minutes% to 0, and also a trigger that will show Timer Layer on the start of the base layer.
  • Set duration of Timer Layer to one second. On the same layer you add (in following order) triggers: Add +1 to %seconds%, Add +1 to %minutes% if seconds are equal to 60, adjust %seconds% to 0 if seconds are equal to 60, hide layer this layer when timeline of this layer ends, show layer Timer Layer when timeline of this layer ends.
  • You can display your custom timer by creating a text box with: %minutes% : %seconds%

And that's all :)

The question is - how to send, along with points, time to the moodle? So moodle in it's gradebook will have:

Score (in percent or number)
Time - in number

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mateusz,

Thanks for sharing and updating your post once you were able to figure out a method that would work for you! There isn't a method to report numeric variables to an LMS (although there is a text one) so typically when I see users looking to do that they are using some custom Javascript. Hopefully someone will be able to chime in and share with you here and also weigh in if there is anything specific to how it must be done in Moodle. 

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