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Currently making our first course (mostly a multiple-choice question quiz), and wondering if the users will be able to see the slide titles when they are going through the course, once it's live?

Most of the slides have the answer in the title, so we can organize them while making the course. For example, one of our slides is a question that shows a photo of a road sign and says, "This sign means..." and gives four choices. The title of the slide is the answer, "Signs - No Parking".

Will the course users be able to see that title? Obviously, with the way we are doing it now, it would give away the answer pretty quickly.

Thanks in advance for any answers!



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Melissa Hannam

Oh, okay. I don't see any of the slide names in the preview when I watch it though, so they don't see that during the course?

I've attached a screenshot of what I see during the preview. The name of the slide is "Emergencies - Vehicle Breakdown" and I don't see that anywhere.