Course videos not playing on Ipad or Iphone IOS10.1?


I am trying to view courses created in Storyline 2 via Cornerstone LMS and the courses that have videos are not displaying correctly on IOS.  We are publishing to html5 as Scorm 1.2.   They launch on android and on desktop and work perfectly.  They are very simply designed courses - .wmv videos dropped into a slide with some basic triggers - occasionally the video slides are broken up by a couple "check your knowledge" quizzing slides - but that's it!  We cannot use the Articulate Mobile player at this time, but even when I did test it on AMP, I was experiencing similar issues.

So, 2 different things happen depending on how I have the triggers set-up. 

1. If I have the trigger set to "jump to next slide once media completes", the video never plays and skips right to the next slide within a second. 

2. If I have the trigger set to "jump to next slide when timeline ends" the timeline plays thru, but just as a blank screen, no audio and no video. 

The properties are set to advance by user as indicated in this article: and I've read through everything from these discussions:

So not sure what I'm missing.  I even went as far as to rename the video files with no spaces or special characters.

The course operates correctly within Safari from Scorm Cloud, but not Cornerstone. Cornerstone has a mobile app and the courses won't work properly within that either.  But again, all is well via scormcloud when viewed in IOS thru Safari. 

I just want to be sure there isn't something I'm overlooking in the development and publishing as it relates to functionality via an LMS in conjuction with IOS when there are videos involved.  Can someone take a look?  Some of the video slides are set-up with the trigger based on timeline ending (2 above), but some video slides are set-up to jump to next slide based on media completing (1 above).

I really appreciate it!  We have over 300 courses to move to this new LMS and a mainly mobile workforce that has to be able to view the courses on IOS and no matter how I slice it, I can't get the content to work properly. 


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Ali Goulet

Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for taking the time to detail your experience so comprehensively here. There have been a few other users reporting issues relating to videos in Cornerstone specifically after the release of iOS10. Tim's response over here indicated that Cornerstone had a fix scheduled to be released for those issues on October 28th. I don't have any updates regarding this, but I would recommend reaching out to Cornerstone to see if they can provide you with any updated information regarding this as it does seem to be limited to the LMS. Otherwise, I'll defer to our Community members using Cornerstone for input as well. :) 

Mary Channon

I have been trying to get info from them - the thread you posted is very helpful though, it makes me feel sane about the fact that it isn't poor programming on my part and that others are experiencing the same issue.  And now it makes sense why courses we tested 3 weeks ago worked and now don't.  I can breathe a little easier.

The update I got from them was that a patch was being pushed through tonight, so I will be checking back tomorrow.  I'll update this thread when I get more info as well as the other thread.  I guess the release on 10.28.16 didn't fully fix the issue, thus the patch was needed,  We'll see... fingers crossed!