Course Will Not Achieve Completed Status

I have a course that will not go to a Completed status in my LMS (Cornerstone) or in the SCORM Cloud. I am publishing in SCORM 2004, 3rd Edition as recommended by Cornerstone, and I am reporting the status as Completed/Incomplete.

Unfortunately, I cannot attach the course, because it contains proprietary information, so I will try to describe what I am doing the best that I can. I am tracking using a quiz result, and that results slide calculates the results for four other results slides. (I have questions for four learning objectives, each with its own results slide, in order to provide remediation by allowing learners to view content only for portions of the course that they have not already mastered.) I have selected the option "User must pass each quiz."

The course reports the score to the LMS correctly, but the status never changes to Completed. I have tried combining points from each quiz instead of requiring the user to pass each quiz, but that did not work. I have also tried creating a separate results slide to operate in the background that calculates results for all of the questions in all of the quizzes and tracking using that results slide, but there were two problems with this approach:

  • It didn't work (the course still didn't mark as complete)
  • Each question slide can only be tracked on one results slide, so my individual results slides were no longer associated with any questions, which made remediation impossible.

I'm not sure what else to try, so I would appreciate any assistance anyone can offer. Thank you!

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your file, Amaia!

I noticed the VariableCircles counter was not correctly decreasing in the HTML5 output, but I found the culprit!

You'll want to delete the first trigger on slide 1.11: "Change state of Oval 32 to normal when the variables changes." Also, change the initial state of Oval 32 from hidden to normal. 

With that change, everything should work correctly in both HTML5 and Flash. Give it a try, and let me know if that helps!

Amaia Quesada

Thanks Alyssa!

Actually, one more thing. In the same file, and it happens also in all my files, I have set the file font as Open Sans but then on the LMS, the left side menu font and also the return of the variables, it shows it in another font, more similar to Arial.

Do you know why the rule of what font to use is gets somehow lost when uploading the file on the LMS?

Many thanks in advance once again!

Amaia Quesada

Hello Alyssa,

I'm back with another issue.

My SCORM file seems to work fine for me on the LMS but users with different permissions seem to get a glitch. I have a slide where they have to hover over a background and they see hidden buttons. However nothing pops up for them. I send you part of my course (in SCORM 2004 and .story) in case you can help. Thanks in advance!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Amaia!

Sorry you continue to have difficulties. What do you mean users with different permissions? Is that something your LMS could take a look at? Do the users experience an issue if you upload the content to SCORM Cloud or is the issue just with your LMS?

I'm not sure what slide you want me to look at in your project either. 

Amaia Quesada

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for the lack of details in my previous message.

It works fine on SCORM cloud, so it's something within the LMS. However my LMS is not getting involved with my SCORM issues so I'm not sure how to solve it. The slide that does not work on the LMS is the first one in the files I sent you.

I'm attaching here 2 screen captures about how it is supposed to play (how it plays for me, with admin rights on the LMS: no-glitch.mp4) and the one of how normal users see it (LMS users without any admin rights: glitches.mp4). Have you seen similar behaviours before?

Many thanks again and have a nice day!

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for those screen recordings, Amaia! That was just what I needed to help me nail down this issue.

This is actually a bug in the HTML5 output of your file. Apparently LMS users without any admin rights have Flash disabled in their browsers, so they are viewing the HTML5 output.

Take a look at this quick screen recording I made for you. It explains why this bug is happening, and an easy way to fix it!

Amaia Quesada

Hi Alyssa!

Thanks so much for your help! Actually thanks to your video and message I realised my real issue, not just about this "hover over" case but all other problems I was facing. It is the HTML5 enabled output itself when exporting the SCORM package, that was creating the problem. So now I disabled the HTML5 and it seems to work fine and no font issues in the menu or interactivity loss in my courses either in IE or Google Chrome. So now as you said they have to view the HTML output all of them and it does ask to allow Flash to run, but that's just a 1-click thing that shouldn't be an issue for the users.

Thanks so much again for your assistance and have a very nice day!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing those details. Have you successfully used your reporting option on another course in this LMS?

We use SCORM Cloud to troubleshoot LMS issues. You can see how your course reports in that environment as a comparison. We're happy to help you one-one-one, as well!

Andrew Robinson

Yes, we can. However, we are publishing in TinCan and cannot select what the course publishes in terms of Pass/Complete and so forth. 

We can successfully get them to show completion on the SCORM cloud, but the only tracking method that lets us register a completion through the LMS from the LRS is when we track based off of a completion trigger. When we track based off of quiz results or slide count, it will not mark a completion on the LMS. However, all three tracking methods track correctly in the SCORM Cloud.