Course with final quiz that has been completed - resumes part way through the quiz when relaunched

Mar 11, 2019


I have a course with a final quiz that I'm publishing to HTML5 output and running on an LMS.  If I complete the final exam and fail and then exit the course, on relaunching the SCO the course resumes part way through the quiz.  The answers to all of the questions were previously communicated to the LMS and the pass/fail status set accordingly. Do you have any ideas as to why this would be happening?



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Noel Read

Hi, I haven't come across that specific issue before, but have had something similar. Have you checked the Player settings to see if it is set to 'Always Resume'. This setting usually takes the learner back to wherever they were when they exited - it's probably not this, because they have completed the quiz and failed and then exited, but worth checking just in case. I usually have my modules set as 'Prompt to Resume'. Noel

Stephanie Powner

Hi Leslie - Thank you - yes it appears to be due to the suspend data size. I’ve had support from scorm cloud saying that the suspend data is bigger than the scorm limit and that it’s possible to increase the maximum in their system. This resolved the problem for me so I strongly suspect it’s the same issue in our LMs.

Thanks Noel I really appreciate your input.


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