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Jul 15, 2015

I built a course that has a drop and drag quiz and a pick one quiz that don't have results slides- because I don't really care if they get it right or wrong, just want them to get thinking about their answers. Then I have a quiz that they have to drag the steps in order that does have a results slide. The results slide doesn't give them a "score" it just tells them right or wrong and allows them to review the correct order. When I published it into my LMS, it's not capturing that I have finished the course. I have a guess it has something to do with these quizzes. It's been the hang up on me in the past, but this time I'm not sure what to do since I don't really need/want to "grade" the activities. Please advise.


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Terry Coe

What I have done in this situation is give a complete/incomplete instead of a passed/ incomplete. or base completion off of the slide count. 

it greatly depends on the SCORM version you are using and the LMS you are using too.

I use SCORM 2004 4th edition when I publish, and that allows me the options I wrote about above.

Terry Coe

When you publish, and choose the LMS publishing option, at the bottom of the window there is a SCORM version ( Pic 1). click on the Reporting and Tracking  button next to the SCORM version. At the bottom of that window, there is a LMS reporting option, (pic 2). using that drop down, select "Completed/incomplete".

then click the tracking menu on the upper left side fo the window.(pic 3) here you can select the method used to determine complete. you should select th"number of slides viewed" (pic 4) method and then publish.

Hope I helped!

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