Course with timeline-based interaction and result slide submission not completing.

I have a course where I have embedded a video as a web object (it's too large of a file to embed directly into Storyline) but I want to pass info to the LMS on whether users are sticking around to view most of the video.

I have a trigger that selects a button offscreen at a certain point on the timeline, a second trigger that submits the interaction 5 seconds later, and a third trigger that submits the results slide 5 seconds after that.

Testing on my LMS and on SCORM Cloud, I get the score as 100%, so I know the interaction is being submitted, but it's not marking complete.

Would anyone like to help me troubleshoot? The video might not play outside of my intranet, but if you leave the slide open for 8 minutes (this is what I have to do in SCORM Cloud) it should work the same, since it's based on the slide timeline.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Anneke,

I tested your file on SCORM Cloud, but I was not able to move past the video slide, even after 8 minutes.

I'll continue to troubleshoot, but I did notice that you have 2 "Submit Results" triggers. Try deleting the one on slide 1, and keep the one on the results slide.

Let me know if that helps!

Anneke Garcia

Thanks, Alyssa! I don't actually even need them to go to the results side,
it's just there to report to the lms, and I was wanting the trigger on the
first slide to submit the results just in case they don't get all the way
to the end of the video. I'll try erasing the trigger on the second slide
and see if that helps.

Alyssa Gomez

Ah, okay! You'll need an actual results slide, since Storyline uses that to determine which quiz questions should be counted. Could you somehow direct the learner to the result slide after the video and include a simple message like, "You have now completed this training, and you may exit the course"?

Anneke Garcia

I tried initially directing them there, with a trigger that said to move there when the media completes, but it's not embedded media, it's a web object, so I think that's why that's not working.

I didn't want to send them on with a timeline trigger either, since their connection might be slow, there might be buffering, etc., so the video won't necessarily play at the same speed as the slide timeline.

Any ideas about a good way to send them forward after the video completes?