Course Won't Complete

I have some users where the course will not register as complete.  When they click "X" to close the browser (no test or Results slide), they are directed back to the training assignments with the course still to be completed.  Some are completing it fine.

It appears that the users having the problem are getting a quiz correct, which enables the user to skip eight slides.  I've disabled the NEXT button on all the slides until five seconds have past.  Is this the problem?  Is it because some users are not visiting ALL the slides and the course see's itself as incomplete?

I'm editing my question above.  I may have found the answer.  When I go to publish the course, I believe I need to require LESS slides for completion.  Say, eight less slides because that's how many can be skipped over.  Is this my solution?

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Leslie McKerchie

Looks like you nailed it Dan. Yes, if not all the slides will be touched due to branching, and you are tracking by slides viewed, you want to be sure to set the tracking for the slides with the shortest path so that everyone gets a completion :)

Otherwise, tracking by reaching a specific slide could be another alternative.