BUG in SL3 - Course works on Desktop NOT on mobile devices

Hi there,

I am quite clueless. My course is working on desktop but not on mobile devices like on a iPhone 6, Samsung S7 or Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab S2. On these devices it is not loading on or after first slide. Loading bar is been shown endlessly. Reload shows the same result.

Could you just test it on both and give me a notice here in the thread?

Course-Link is here (type any random mailaddress and date to proceed):

I published it as a xAPI-file, not SCORM. 

I am considering to raise a ticket because this technical problem costs me tons of hours as I am trying to find the cause.

SL-file is here (click link at the bottom so you don`t need to create an account):



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Thorsten Holt

Thanks for your time for testing so far.

Still on an iPhone 6 and Samsung S7 is does not work. It stucks after first question slide. See attached Image that Shows the never ending loading Bar. I deleted Cache on both Devices before. 

It seems that older Devices are a problem. 

As 80% of my learner are using a mobile device I should give them a clear guidance of what Devices are recommended to use. Is there any? 

Perhaps anybody could test with an older device. 

Thorsten Holt

Just this evening I tested all my 3 xAPI-files on a friend's IPhone 7 Plus. Same results. Either endless loading bar or not even starting. I want to raise a Ticket as I really dont know what to change, and even if I have Set up wrong things in the file it at least has to load. I always used local stored files. 

On html5test.com my Browser has 504 out of 555 points.

"You are using Chrome Dev 72.0.3626.105 on a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0.0" 

Thorsten Holt

I am still stuck. I have uploaded my file again to the SCORM Cloud:

I would really appreciate it if someone could test an older mobile device like my Samsung S7 or iPhone 6, 7 etc. or any other device and post feedback here.

I re-installed SL3 with admin-right, and ensured that NET Framwork 4.7 is running. Same problems.
I imported one scene in a brand new story-file. Same problems. My SL3 interrupted. It showed the support-window because of an unexpected error. The text boxes and elements of the slides were screwed up.

I answered your support one hour ago and I am waiting now for your support-answer. I have no clue. My course has over 400 slides with about 1.000 triggers in total. I don´t know how to create a whole new project of it without working on it for weeks again.


Thorsten Holt

Thanks, Michael. I removed the background completely. Just White background. I even removed slide counting variables. Published it on Scorm Cloud.

Still not loading second slide on iPhone 6 and Samsung galaxy-s7. 

Quiz File has only 2 question slides and thought behaves slowly, each click has a slight delay. 

Thorsten Holt

Hi Alyssa, dear all,

until now I have no solution and my project can´t continue.

On Tue 19.03. an Articulate support colleague has been remotely on my computer for 2 hours. We reinstalled SL3 and created an admin-user. All without success.

Besides of this I reinstalled my Windows 10 and installed SL3 on another computer.  Published the course there. All same result. The file ist crashing/loading endlessly. 

I checked the xAPI-file with 5 completely different mobile devices of my colleagues. All same problem. 

This file has definitely a bug

Regarding your Support:

I have sent 3 mails in the meantime but got no response. On 21.03. I was asked if it worked out without recognizing my 3 mails that I have sent before.

Since 2 days I havent got any updates. To be honest, currently I am quite irritated as I just dont know what to do, except of recreating my project with 400 slides and 1.100 triggers for weeks again. 

What shall I do now?

Best regards,

Thorsten Holt

Dear all,

after weeks I now have found a BUG in SL3

At the same time I found a workaround.

When publishing my story-file that has 3 scenes than the xAPI-file is endlessly loading on mobile devices.

When I delete all scenes and pack each scene in a separate story-file then the xAPI-file is working correctly on mobile devices.

Dear Articulate, 

you have my original file uploaded to your support.

Are you chasing that bug?



Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the details, Thorsten.

I'm going to share your additional details with Gerald and request that we investigate why we are not receiving your e-mails.

Here are the last 7 listed on your case, and only the circled one was from you.

So, we're not ignoring you, but I am glad you reached out so that we can get this resolved.

Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Hi, Thorsten. Appreciate these screenshots, and that sounds like a plan!

Let me know when you share the logs with Anna, so I can make sure they arrived safely. We're also going to do a deep dive to find what could have caused this email snag. I'll keep you posted on any new information.

Thanks for working with us, Thorsten!

Thorsten Holt


Dear Support,

I have deinstalled SL3. Then deactivated all antivirus, and maleware
scanner and installed S3 again with using admin rights. I used another

xAPI-output has still the same error. It is loading endlessly on mobile
device after first menu-slide.

So I installed Puffin Browser on my Samsung S7 and saved a Flashfile
from my course. Adapted it for debug mode.

Result is, that flash file is loading correctly. BUT I dont use Flash. So this log is quite useless as I do use HTML5. 

Please consider this additional issue with the same story-file. I cant change color for slide. If I change it on the master slide it dont  change the font color on the slide.

See this video as evidence:

I found a workaround, so when you delete the second scene in the story-file and than again publish the first scene as xAPI-file it is working.

Very strange behvaviour.

Please tell me your feedback.


Leslie McKerchie

I thought you might say that. I've reached out to our team to dig into your e-mail trail again.

So you e-mailed the same response above to support@articulate.com as well with the same gmail address as before?

As I mentioned, I did update your support case so that we can proceed with assisting you and Anna is taking a look.

Thanks for reaching out here, letting me know and for your patience.