Courses complete on a single question. Bug?

Aug 11, 2015


We have found that courses built with Storyline 2 show
completion on our LMS when any single question is answered.
This is confirmed by the learner getting an automatic email from the LMS telling them that they have completed the course.

The circumstances are:

  • Course uses at least one question imported or built in Storyline
  • Question is drawn from any question bank
  • SCORM 1.2

    So far we have see this behaviour in every course using a question bank. This includes a course with several assessment topics (148 questions in 7 Topics), each drawing from a separate bank, and several courses with a single bank. 

The fix, for now is to remove banks and set questions up as standard screens. This removes the ability to use banks including mandatory and optional questions, which is a major feature of our courseware.
This is costing us a significant amount of time and money.

Is anyone else seeing this?
Is there a known solution?




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tom -- Sorry to hear of the issues your are experiencing! As this pertains to an LMS, have you tested your course in the SCORM Cloud, by chance, to see how it behaves in that environment? You may also find these links on troubleshooting LMS issue to be helpful:

Troubleshooting LMS issues

How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Hope that helps, and please let me know if issues persist. You are also welcome to share your .story file here so we can take a closer look for you. 

Tom Annear


Our developer used SCORM cloud to do the initial troubleshooting
that diagnosed the cause of the problem.

The interim fix is to remove all question banks and set questions up as standard screens.
Significant work for upward of a dozen courses.

I'll get a broken source file to you when I can get our dev to identify which of his tests was still broken. I don't want to send you the whole project - it's huge.



Leonard Puglia

Hi Tom,

I haven't experienced your specific issue, but I have learnt some lessons along the way when creating assessments. Some questions for you....

How have you set up your course to report to the LMS? Does it report based on the variables in a results slide or the number of slide views?

Also, do all your seven question banks report to the single results slide, or do they report to different results slides? (normally, they report to a single results slide)

Final question: have you imported a results slide from a previous Storyline file? If you have, you probably need to re-build your results slide from scratch - I have experienced many problems when importing/copying results slides from previous projects.



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