Courses freesing, scorring incorrect and submit button is slow


I've been getting reports back of a number of frustrating problems. I have a course that is SCORM 2.1 and is running on A Kallidus LMS. This course is accessed by thousands of users (our company as over 70,000 employees) where a small percentage are being effected by the following:

  • Scores of over 100% and under 30% are being recorded as 'Passed' but no one in our team can get a score other then 100% and the pass is set to 60%. So this is very odd.
  • Freezing when the submit button is pressed. For some users when they press the submit button the course freezes and they have to completely close their browser. We've tried clearing cache and cookies rebooting but nothing seems to sort the freezing problem.
  • Submit button for all users is painfully slow - taking atleast 5 seconds to process

If anybody has expereiced issues like these and can suggest possible solutions that would be fantastic

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Emily Ruby

Hello Noreen,

Have you tested this content on the SCORM Cloud, the industry standard for testing, to see if you get the same result?

You can also look into this article about troubleshooting within your LMS.

Here is another thread where some issues regarding Kallidus LMS, as well as this one here.

Hopefully some other members here with experience with Kallidus LMS may be able to chime in.