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Jill McNair

Hi Maria,

Do you have any optional slides like a glossary or instructions that are off in their own scene?  If so, that is probably the source of your incompletes.  If a person does not visit the optional slides, then they have not visited the total number of slides.

One course I built had an optional Instructions slide in a separate scene (lightboxed).  To get this is show Completed, I decreased the number of slides that had to be visited by 1 and it worked.  This did leave the remote possibility that a learner could visit the optional slide and miss one of the required slides, but we felt the possibility of this happening was small.  If you have a bunch of optional slides, then this may not work.  

I am thinking that there may be a way to use the Blank Results slide instead that can only be reached if you have visited required content.  Has anyone tried this?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Maria,

What LMS are you using to host your content? I'd suggest to begin by reviewing the troubleshooting steps here on reporting and tracking in your LMS. 

You may also want to look into reporting completion based on visiting a specific slide, as Jill mentioned, if there are a lot of optional slides the user may not see all required elements.