Courses not marking complete in LMS

Apr 23, 2018

Hello. I have created a storyline course and selected the track completion by quiz results under 'tracking'. However, even though the quiz is successfully completed, it is not marking the course complete in the LMS. Please advice. 


Thank you. 


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Mumtaz Badshah Brown

Thank you, Wendy. That seems to work. However, I worry that my learners might click out of the course without clicking on that button, which will leave their status as incomplete. Is there a way I can share my file and maybe you can take a look? I am wondering if my result slides need tweaking. thanks. 


Wendy Farmer

If you upload your file here it will be public and I’m not Articulate staff just a forum user trying to help. If you are happy for me to take a look you can click my profile pic and send and email then I can respond and you can share the file or else you can log a ticket with support if you want to share the file privately.

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