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Harri C

Hi Joanne,

How are you tracking completion, is it by slides viewed or by quiz result. Also, do you have any details that distinguish between the learners who can and cannot complete for example, did some resume and others complete in one sitting, did they pass a quiz first time or did they need another attempt?

This might help to figure out if the problem is coming from the LMS (I have no experience with your LMS) or an error in the course itself.

Hope this helps


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joanne and welcome to Heroes!

I'm sorry to hear about the odd completion behavior you're experiencing. I'd suggest begin by checking into the article here on troubleshooting common LMS tracking and reporting issues. I'd specifically look at testing the course at SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content to see how the course behaves there.

Please feel free to keep us posted after you test it at SCORM Cloud.