Courses Unresponsive For Some Users (Chrome and Firefox)

Sep 07, 2017

Hi everyone,

I have a bit of a puzzling issue where courses are becoming unresponsive for some users in Chrome and Firefox. 

What's puzzling is that the courses work fine until the user clicks on another tab, window, or an entirely different display. When they come back, the course is unresponsive and frozen.

It's worth noting that this is happening for SL2 and SL360 content.

In all cases, we're targeting Flash first with HTML5 backup—these users are definitely seeing the Flash version of the output—and the prolonged death of Flash as we move towards 2020. I know that Chrome had implemented a "disable non-critical flash components" feature a year or two ago, but this really feels like it's a hardware limitation.

Any thoughts or insight from the community?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Michael.  Can you tell me about the content that your course includes?  For example, do you have media, animations or sliders in your course?  Or is it just static content?

I ran a quick test on Storyline 360 content through my Firefox and Chrome, both with Flash enabled and not.  I wasn't able to reproduce the freezing in either environment on some simple interactive courses (clicks and state changes).

If you have a .story file that I can test out, that'd be great too!  Thanks  🙂

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael, 

Do you know what versions of Chrome/Firefox they were using? 

To dig in deeper on this, we'd want to take a look at one of your .story files and know a bit more about where you're hosting/testing the content so that we can look at replicating the issue. 

You can upload the .story file here using the "add attachment" button or send it along to our Support team here. 

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