Courseware storage

Feb 17, 2023

What does everyone use to store their storyline course files as well as zip files for LMS production? Our IT dpt is changing and I'm looking for something easy. 

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Judy Nollet

Even though you should always open SL files from your local hard drive, everything should be backed up somewhere. That's especially important to ensure that others in the company can access files when needed. 

I'd hope that your IT department could provide guidance on where the company wants files stored. For example, do they provide OneDrive/SharePoint sites on the intranet? If not, what do they recommend for secure storage? 

After you determine the appropriate location, plan how you want to organize the courses. For example, does it make sense to have the top-level folder for a given course named based on its title or on its ID (depending on if/how those are used)? 

Here's a possible folder/file structure:

  • [Title] = This stores all materials related to a given course.
    • v1, v2, etc. = sub-folders for each version of the course. Each version folder would have the following sub-sub-folders:
      • source files = This stores the Storyline file plus special graphics, attachments, and any other files needed to publish the course.
      • LMS files = This stores the published course plus any other files needed by the LMS folks. For example, it might include an assessment key (so they know how to pass the quiz when testing the course) and course details (such as the description, estimated seat time, audience, etc.). 
      • miscellaneous = This is an optional folder (or folders) for storing anything else that the company deems worthy to keep. For example, it might have resource files, the needs analysis, the design document, etc.