Crashing when duplicating or copy/paste control items

Hi all,

I found a couple threads where this was happening.  When you duplicate or copy/paste a control item (Insert>Controls) like a radio button SL2 crashes. I'm wondering if the cause was ever discovered. It started doing it in a file I use as sort of a template. It doesn't do it for a new file.  However I have seven modules built out already and really don't want to rebuild in a new file and then rebuild all the slide masters again just for the convenience of copy/paste. 

Did they ever find a fix? I've done everything suggested on the threads I can find including an uninstall > fresh install.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Bob,

Thank you for sharing your experience here.  We’re still actively working with our QA team to determine if there is a resolution for this issue. I'll add your experience to the report, and I’ll post any updates here in this discussion. You’ll receive an email notification because you are now subscribed to this post.