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Crystal Horn

Hi Elisabeth.  You definitely want to get your branding right!  I just did some generic testing, and I wasn't able to reproduce that behavior.  Can you give me a screenshot of what you're seeing?  Or even attach your .story file and/or the image or site from which your picking your color?

Are you using the eyedropper on a website?  Image file?  Also, on what object are you trying to adjust the color (background, shape, button, etc)?  We'll see if we can get that looking good for you!

Crystal Horn

That's not something I've come across before!  Not everything in PowerPoint converts into Storyline 360 as described here, but I wouldn't expect dramatic color shifts.

Also, if you replied via email, attachments won't be included; you mentioned to "see below," but nothing was there.  You can hop back into the forum and add your attachment that way when you can.  We're happy to do some testing with you!