Create a Certificate with Javascript

Hey everyone,

I tried to copy what Owen did here without being successful. First, I created my certificate. I designed it with PowerPoint before to code everything (HTML5/CSS) with Brackets. Then, I copied what Owen did by "translating" the HTML5/CSS code into JS - strongly inspired by Owen's since I am not as good. I even found a JS Validator online in order to validate my code. However, when the user wants to print my certificate, there is no design at all, just the written elements. So, I probably messed up somewhere. I followed Owen's video and tried on my own to implement the rest.

You can find the following documents attached:

the certificate with the design file (.png)
the Storyline file (.story)
My goal is to allow my learner to print the certificate with their name on it with the desired design - reason why there is a text entry. 

I know it is possible but my code seems not to be working so I would appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance!

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