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Leslie McKerchie

Absolutely Tin! Hopefully someone will be able to pop in and assist you here. I'm not sure what thread you are referring to above, but you are welcome to respond there and many of our regulars will still be subscribed. Also - there is an option to contact someone utilizing the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile that you can utilize to reach someone directly as well.

David Schwartz


eLearning Brothers have an example that gets close to what you want:


You'd still need to dig into Javascript and HTML to modify the formatting and to add the specific variables you want to send, but it's a decent start. 


tin C

There is a thread but its old, like from 2 years ago and Owen did a great job of showing how to get an HTML certificate, however, I am too new to HTL and JavaScript so it didn't make sense.

The eLearning brother example is good, but I was hoping to see the steps for a certificate.

I will see if I can reach out to Owen through a PM and if he can help me with it.