Create a Game with Articlate Storyline

Jul 25, 2012


I try to create some learning games with Articulate Storyline and search for free games templates, do you know if this resource exist somewhere?

Thanks a lot


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Amélie Lamirand


Thanks for your quick answer

I don't know Articulate Storyline, have a licence and wanted to see how these games can be built.

I must create these games for the end of the year:

- Spin the Wheel

- Who wants to be a millionaire

- Jeopardy

- Monopoly

- Something like ticket to ride games mechanics but with planes.

These games must include advanced game mechanics (Doing Better than Raptivity games and wordplay turbopacks and make it running well on ipads)


Abhishek Chamoli

Hey Enders I am a huge fan of yours and I am learning articulate with the help your your videos in you tube, could you give me some tips about games in grammar which I can build in articulate storyline. I am like a fresher and its like been 5 months that I am working on articulate. I have also subscribed you in youtube. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Abhishek,

This discussion is a bit older, but we've got a lot of new resources on creating games in Storyline! I'd suggest looking at the Building Better Courses side of ELH and see if there is anyone who can help! That side tends to focus more on design and how to. 

Best of luck  and can't wait to see what you create!

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